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In order to run a successful mortgage website, one of the key tools of your arsenal is a mortgage calculator. A mortgage calculator is a calculation app that will compute the monthly or yearly payment on a mortgage loan, given specific variables. Potential home buyers can simply plug the amount of their loan, the number or years, and the interest rate in to the specified fields in order to find out what their monthly payments would cost them.

Calculate your loan payments with this calculator
While the tool itself is a simple one, it is invaluable to a mortgage broker website. Without it, potential clients may feel that you are not giving them all of the information they need. Worse, they may feel that you expect them to calculate these payments on their own, a task that many of them are not comfortable doing, and they will find another company to work with that will provide these calculations for them.

Of course, a simple mortgage calculator cannot account for all the variables of each individual’s loan. The solutions provided by the calculator are a rough estimate at best, and are only meant to provide an idea as to the monthly loan payment for the client.
Here at Your Mortgage Website, we currently offer a mortgage calculator that can fit seamlessly in with the design of your site. However, are also working hard on new and innovative designs for specific mortgage calculators, so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

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