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Does a mortgage broker really need to offer a Live chat application on their website?

While the advantages may not seem obvious, Live Chat is a relatively untapped marketing tool that can be very beneficial to generating new mortgage leads.

live mortgage chat

When it comes to making even small financial decisions, most people want to have their questions answered in real time. When choosing between various mortgage companies, the one with representatives that can most efficiently and promptly answer the client’s questions has a jump on the competition.

Having a Live Mortgage Chat feature clearly gives your company an edge where instant communication is concerned. No one is forced to wait until business hours to call and it can be used to collect pertinent information that a client may otherwise neglect to include in an e-mail. If you run a large mortgage brokering firm, a chat feature will lower your overall costs by allowing a representative to handle multiple case interactions at once in real time.

However, even if a representative of your company will not constantly or consistently be available to chat, the Live Chat function can still be useful. Live Chat offers e-mail integration so that mortgage leads can be recorded when consumers open the program and provide information, even if you are not immediately available online to respond.

Perhaps most importantly, chat applications serve as reassurance to your clients that a line of communication is constantly open to them, even when the use of a phone is discouraged (during work, for instance) or unavailable to them (such as when they have lost their mobile device and contact list). Clients can easily relay their concerns or questions to you and be confident that you received the message.

Your Mortgage Website helps integrate an easy and affordable live chat solution with customized greetings, smart offline modes, and email chat transcripts for your website.


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