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When developing your mortgage website concept, we put great emphasis on your specialties, company requirements, and target audience. This is because we know that understanding your niche in the market plays a vital role in attracting more of the right clients for your specific mortgage services and location. Ultimately, you want your site to generate mortgage leads that are pertinent to your company and abilities.
Find your mortgage company niche
Before you begin creating a theme for your website, you may want to ask yourself the following questions in order to determine what kind of niche you fit into, and therefore what kind of design services will best help you meet your long-term goals:

  • Are you looking for cost effective mortgage website templates or a fully customized mortgage website?
  • Are you looking for mortgage broker websites or loan officer websites?
  • What type of loans do you fully specialize in?
  • Are you going after the home purchase or home refinance market (or both)?
  • Are you taking advantage of the HARP 2 refinance programs? Or do you focus more on traditional refi.s?
  • Do you want to portray an image as a local mortgage company or a national mortgage lender?
  • Do you feel each loan originator in your company should be showcased on an individual loan originator website? Or would you prefer individual profiles for each loan officer within a main company mortgage website?
  • Do you want to provide homeowners with instant rate quotes on your site, or would you rather get short applications to provide a customized mortgage rate quote?
  • Do you want to have a Realtor section customized within your mortgage website to connect with your existing or new referral partners?

Remember, knowing the answers to these questions will narrow down the focus of your niche, and allow you to properly target the clients most in need of your services. If you are unsure of the answers to some of these questions, never fear! Part of the process is being informed about your options and being able to carefully consider each of them in turn. Feel free to contact us to discuss your company’s goals and needs.

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